Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney Judy Garland

The years in MGM were really successful for Judy Garland, because she produced one film after another. But they were really stressful and exhausting too. Many years later, she admitted that the best of working there was meeting Mickey Rooney. They became really close friends, he saw her as the sister he never had. The first movie that they worked together was ‘Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry’ (1937) and the MGM realised that they were a really good couple, so they worked in so many films.

After ‘The Wizard of Oz’, Judy Garland participated in ‘Babes in Arms’ with Mickey Rooney. It was a musical movie adapted from a Broadway show. But it was really hard to make, because some of the songs didn’t work in the screen. That’s why some new songs were composed, like ‘Good Morning’, that was a completely success. Since then, a huge amount of films together started to come. They had a really close relationship; they understood each other because they had a similar story. Both were young stars who started their careers in a very early age.

Here’s a list of some of the movies that they worked together. Please let me know if there is any mistake or if I’m missing any important.

    • Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry (1937)
    • Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938)
    • Babes in Arms (1939)
    • Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940)
    • Strike Up The Band (1940)
    • Life Begins For Andy Hardy (1941)
    • Babes On Broadway (1941)
    • Thousands Cheer (1943)
    • Girl Crazy (1943)
    • Words And Music (1948)



Un pensamiento en “Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney

  1. Geni

    I always really enjoy the movies that this couple make together when they were so young. And Mickey Rooney in all the movies he made at this age, he looks like he was born for acting, always with a smile on his face.

    Me gusta



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