Judy Garland becomes a star

Meet Me In St Louise

Judy Garland was working a lot in MGM, producing lots of films every year. But she had time to meet some guys and start a relationship. The first man she met was Artie Shaw and she was deeply in love with him, but sadly he preferred to stay with Lana Turner. She was depressed but then she met the musician David Rose, but he was married with the actress and singer Martha Raye. Once he got divorced, Garland and him got married in 1941 but it didn’t go well. They were divorced in 1944 and she had aborted her pregnancy.

When her marriage wasn’t going really well, she was working in a movie called ‘For Me And My Gal’ (1942), with Gene Kelly. This was the first time that she was presented as a main star of the film. Her career was improving so quickly and she was becoming popular. That was great, but also means more work. In that movie she looks really skinny (probably because of her emotional state), but she was feeling really exhausted. She used to have some breakdowns, and she was too young for that. The doctors recommend her to rest for 8 weeks, but apparently, Garland’s mother spoke to MGM producers and said that with 3 weeks only she would be fine.

At that time, the director Vincente Minnelli offered her to participate in her movie ‘Meet Me In St Louise’. At the first time, she refused because she was looking for adult roles. She didn’t want to play more child characters and in the movie she would play Esther Smith, a young kid from St Louise. But after having long conversations, she finally decided to accept. It was a great decision because she looks gorgeous in the movie and she admitted many years later that Esther is one of her favourite characters. Also, that’s when she met Vincente Minnelli, who would be her husband. They got married in 1945 but divorced in 1951.

Meet Me In St Louise’ is one of the best musicals of Judy Garland. As I said, she looks really beautiful, she looks great, and it’s a great film that I truly recommend. And also, the musicals were changing at that time. The producers wanted a film with the songs integrated on the story. During the production of the film, she had some breakdowns. She said that she wasn’t a good actress, that she couldn’t perform, but all the team helped her.

One of the best songs in the film is ‘The Trolley Song’. Judy Garland is singing while getting a trolley, about how she feels in love. She feels sad because his lover is not with her, but suddenly appears running to catch her and she is full of joy. It’s an amazing performance, beautiful and catchy song that makes an impact. I was so impressed that it’s one of my favourite tunes since I discovered it. It’s the best way to remember Judy Garland, with a great song, a stunning performance and a fantastic movie. Which, by the way, shares the motto with ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The movie is about ‘no place like home’.



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