The declive in MGM

Judy Garland Get Happy Summer Stock

Judy Garland starts to feel not really good. She is working hard, preparing lots of films and taking care of her daughters. Once she had Liza, she asked MGM to work a bit less to have more time for her baby. They offered him a contract to make 2 films per year only with her husband, but she isn’t happy, she starts to feel ill and she gets lots of days off. Actually, ‘The Pirate’ was the first movie since ‘The Wizard of Oz’ that wasn’t profitable for the MGM. It was too expensive and they had lots of problems with Judy Garland because she couldn’t go to work many days. This film became very popular because all the inconvenient during the production.

In the film, she played Manuela, who is engaged to a richman but she dreams with the legendary pirate Macoco. A singer, Serafin (played by Gene Kelly) is in love with her, so he poses like the pirate trying to impress her. During the shooting, Judy Garland had some nervous breakdown and she even spend some time on the hospital. Her marriage with Vincente Minnelli wasn’t going really good and they had to work together every day, while sometimes they didn’t want to speak to each other.

It was then when Judy Garland tried to kill herself for the first time. In the MGM weren’t too happy with her after that failure. But everything changed when she worked in ‘Easter Parade’, one of the most successful films in MGM with Fred Astaire. But it wasn’t easy too. Judy was taking lots of pills to sleep and to be awake to work. She started to have some addiction to alcohol too. She was in a very difficult time, she wasn’t stable emotionally, and the medication and the alcohol didn’t help.

She was involved in the shooting of ‘Annie Get Your Gun’. The Broadway musical was made a film and she was supposed to be the main actress. This made Garland very nervous, because the role she was about to play was very famous for being performed by Ethel Merman. She felt a lot of pressure. She wasn’t too happy to perform a young girl again, so she wasn’t motivated. Busby Berkeley, the director, pushed her a lot because of that, so she started to arrive late to the sets or simply not go. She was fired and Betty Hutton performed Annie Oakley on the big screen.

She had some more troubles shooting some other films. For example, with ‘Summer Stock’, once it was finished, the director realised that he needed one more scene with her. She didn’t mind to do it, but she looked skinnier than the rest of the film. She was supposed to work with Fred Astaire again in ‘Royal Wedding’ but she didn’t go to work. She had been some more times in hospital and tried to comet suicide again. So, finally Judy Garland left MGM.



Un pensamiento en “The declive in MGM

  1. Geni

    Great performance of this song “Get Happy”. You feel really sorry for her, what a sad life what could be a very good one. I feel the same with Marilyn Monroe.

    Me gusta



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