Judy’s last films

Barbra Streisand Judy Garland

Judy Garland left MGM in 1950, but that didn’t mean that her career was over. She finished working with lot of stress and making lots of movies every year but she had a lot of talent to share with people who loved her so much. Her personal life wasn’t really good, that’s true, because she had depression, she was getting divorced of Vincente Minnelli and she was getting some money troubles. She started to participate in the Bing Crosby Show – Chesterfield Show, a weekly radio program where she could sing. People used to listen to her on the radio because they loved her voice.

That’s how she arranged a tour across Europe, basically United Kingdom, of course. It was a completely success. All the reviews were great, the theatre owners were amazed with her and the audience adored her. She even felt much better. She had the feeling that she was doing a great show and it was the best way to restore her professional career and personal life. In 1952 she got married again with Sid Luft, her tour manager and arranger and they got 2 kids.

She made another film in 1954, the remake of ‘A Star Is Born’, produced by the Warner Bros. At the beginning, everything was good, she was feeling happy to be working but then, suddenly, everything changed. She was feeling ill again, like the last years in MGM. At the end, the film was a success, very well acclaimed by critics and audience. She was nominated to an Oscar Award for Best Actress but she didn’t win that time, Grace Kelly got the award for ‘The Country Girl’.

After that, she produced a few more films. For ‘Judgement at Nuremberg’ (1961) she was nominated again for the Oscars for Best Supporting Actress, but she didn’t win. And also, appeared in ‘A Child Is Waiting’ (1963) and ‘I Could Go On Singing’ (1963), her last movie.

Her last years weren’t easy. She got divorced of Sid Luft too, she had some nervous breakdowns and she even stayed in hospital with hepatitis. She also worked a lot, doing some concerts across the world and participating in several TV shows. But she wasn’t good, her health was getting deteriorated.



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