Goodbye Judy Garland

Picture by Samantha Decker on Flickr

Picture by Samantha Decker on Flickr

On the 22nd June of 1969, Judy Garland was found dead in the bathroom of their home in Chelsea, London. Many theories appeared at that time. She had tried to commit suicide before, so it was quite possible that she tried again. But also some people thought that she could have dead because of self-overdosage of barbiturates. She was having so many pills for her pains and she was also drinking some alcohol. Her way of life definitely wasn’t healthy at all.

The autopsy declared that Judy Garland’s death was accidental. She had so many barbiturates but in a long period of time, not a lot at the same time. Everybody was sad with the news, because she was a broken toy, an extremely talented artist that was used to be money, but beloved by so many people. Her grave is in New York, in a crypt in the community mausoleum at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale.

Judy Garland died too young, that’s true, she was only 47 years old. But we keep lots of records and movies where we can enjoy her performances. She became an icon, an inspiration for many people from different generations. She left a huge legacy; she is well known for being Liza Minnelli’s mother and for lots of songs and movies. Her memory will be forever, she is immortal for all her talent and so many wonderful characters in lots of films, but specially for the innocent and lovely Dorothy.



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