The plot of ‘Wicked’

Photo by Matt Crockett. 2013/2014 London Company. Found on the official webpage of Wicked, the musical

Photo by Matt Crockett. 2013/2014 London Company. Found on the official webpage of Wicked, the musical

Wicked’ is the story of the witches of Oz. As we can see in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, there are different witches in the land: the good one (Glinda) and the bad ones (the two sisters from the East and the West). This musical tries to explain the story of Dorothy but from the Witch’s point of view. It’s good because we know her and we understand some of her acts. This musical is an adaptation from a book written by Gregory Maguire in 1995. Almost 10 years later, the character he invented, of course inspired from ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by L. F. Baum, flown for the first time in Broadway.

The citizens of Oz are celebrating that the Wicked Witch of the West is dead. Glinda arrives to join the party but they ask her if it’s true that they were friends long time ago. That’s when she remembers all her story. They studied together and they were close friends but something wrong happened in their relationship. They were studying at the Shiz University when they first met. Elphaba was looking after her sister, Nesasarose because she was in a wheelchair, but they were in a different room. In fact, Elphaba and Galinda were sharing the same room and that frustrated her. So she produced a lot of magic without control. That surprised Madame Morrible, the headmistress, and she was very impressed and said that she could meet the Wizard if she learned properly about magic.

Galinda and Elphaba were completely different. Galinda was the popular girl at the University, but Elphaba was shy, lonely and green. At class, they met Doctor Dillamond, an Animal professor that suffered from bullying even from the students. According to him, the Animals who can speak like him, for some reason, are losing their ability. Elphaba offers herself to talk about this subject when she meets the Wizard. She was sure that he could help him.

Photo by Matt Crockett. Savannah Stevenson (Glinda) and Emma Hatton (Elphaba). From the official webpage of Wicked, the musical

Photo by Matt Crockett. Savannah Stevenson (Glinda) and Emma Hatton (Elphaba). From the official webpage of Wicked, the musical

Meanwhile, a new student arrived to Shiz, Fiyero. He invited everybody to a party and they were happy to join him. Boq was in love with Galinda, but she wasn’t, so she asked him to invite Nessa to the party. He thought that she would like him more if he accepted, so he proposed Nessa, who was really happy to go. Elphaba wasn’t sure about that so she went to spoke to Galinda. She said that she was invited too and she gave her a horrible hat to wear for the party.

Elphaba was very impressed with that so she tried to help Galinda. She asked Madame Morrible if they could join the sorcery classes together. Galinda gave her the hat because she wanted to make fun of her, but after knowing what she had done for her, she gave her support and stopped making offensive jokes. After the party, Nessa was so in love with Boq and she didn’t want to hurt her feelings, even she liked Galinda instead of her.

Doctor Dillamond announced that she couldn’t do more classes. Instead, the students were shown how to make Animals not speak anymore. Elphaba was full of angry and took the small lion and let it free with the help of Fiyero. Galinda decided to change her name for Glinda in solidarity with Doctor Dillamond because that was the way he pronounced her name.

Elphaba and Glinda were ready to visit the Wizard, so they went to the Emerald City full of happiness. There, they were quite disappointed with him because he expected to be an amazing man and he was just an ordinary one. He gave her an ancient book, the Grimmerie and offered her to read a few lines. Because of that, a lot of monkeys that the Wizard had hidden got wings. His idea was to control the people with the flying monkeys; he wanted to use Elphaba’s powers to control the Ozians. She didn’t want to be used so she flies away from the city. The Wizard, trying to hide the truth from her, announced that Elphaba was wicked and was dangerous, so everybody was against her.

Long time later, Glinda was engaged with Fiyero and they were fighting against the Witch, knowing that she wasn’t evil at all. Elphaba found Nessa and asked to join her against the Wizard but she was very upset because she abandoned when she needed her. As apologise, Elphaba gave her the power of walking. She was happy to show it to Boq, but he said that he was tired of being with her because he loved Glinda. Nessa took Elphaba’s book and made a spell against him that almost killed him. Elphaba had to make another spell to save him, but he was transformed as a Tin Man instead.

Photo by Matt Crockett. Oliver Savile (Fiyero) and Emma Hatton (Elphaba). From the official webpage of Wicked, the musical

Photo by Matt Crockett. Oliver Savile (Fiyero) and Emma Hatton (Elphaba). From the official webpage of Wicked, the musical

Elphaba visited again the Wizard and released the monkeys. He asked her again to join her and help him, but she said no. She met Doctor Dillamond, who couldn’t speak at all. That gave her more reason to fight him. Glinda and Fiyero were there and he decided to help her leave, so she is broken-hearted. Meanwhile, Dorothy arrived to Oz and she killed Nessa by accident. Fiyero and Elphaba went to see the body but he is captured. She could run, but he couldn’t. She was upset because Dorothy took the sleepers that Nessa was wearing. Her father had brought her when they started at Shiz University.

Elphaba sent a spell to help Fiyero, but he got transformed as a Scarecrow. Glinda met Elphaba again and asked her that she didn’t hurt Dorothy. They forget each other for all the mistakes because they knew that they wouldn’t meet again. She asked Glinda to hide and she what happened. Elphaba was burning and Dorothy threw a bucket of water and she got melted.

Glinda met the Wizard again and he recognised that he was the biological father of Elphaba. She was so powerful because she was a daughter of two worlds. Fiyero and Elphaba were able to leave the city hiding from everybody, even when all Oz is celebrating that she is dead.




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