The legacy of ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Picture by Elliott Brown from Flickr

Picture by Elliott Brown from Flickr

The Wizard of Oz’ was released in 1939 and since then the film became an icon. As we discovered last month, dedicated to the film, lots of people from all around the world were inspired by the story that L. F. Baum created. The costumes about the different characters from the movie are usual in every Halloween. One of the reasons of why ‘Wicked’ is so successful is because of the legacy of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. For many people, it’s really enjoyable to understand the story of the original characters, watch their feelings and see how they arrived to meet Dorothy.

In ‘Wicked’ we understand the story of the Witches of Oz. We see how Glinda became the Good and Nessa and Elphaba the Wicked Witches from East and West. They are the main characters of the show, so in 2 hours and a half we explore their stories. The original book, and the musical of course, try to give an explanation to why they are Good and Bad Witches. For the audience it’s great to learn that Elphaba wasn’t that cruel.

In the case of the Wizard, we don’t see a very different character from the first movie. He is an ordinary man, without any superpower like Elphaba. But in this case, he tries to use her to his own benefits. He is the bad guy in the musical, even trying to be a beloved one. He manipulates people trying to control them. So we discover that we see ‘The Wizard of Oz’ according to his point of view: Elphaba is dangerous and he is the saviour.

Picture by FabalaTD on Flickr

Picture by FabalaTD on Flickr

The three characters that join Dorothy to the Emerald City are the way they are because of Elphaba. In the case of the Lion, he is a coward because Elphaba helped him when he was very young. She wanted to help the Animals to not lose their ability to talk, but because of that he is unable to fight for his own without help, he becomes a coward. The Tin Man is Boq, who was with Nessa by obligation. When she discovers that she tries to kill him, but Elphaba makes a spell to save him but transforming him in a Tin Man, better that than dead, I suppose.

And finally, in the case of the Scarecrow, it’s Fiyero, but he is helping Dorothy because he has a plan with Elphaba so they can leave the land, hiding for the rest of their lives from the Wizard. The guards from the Wizard captured him because he was helping Elphaba, so she transformed him in a Scarecrow so he could escape.

Wicked’ offers a new point of view to ‘The Wizard of Oz’, so we understand how the different characters got there before Dorothy arrived to Oz.




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