Lots of actresses performing as Elphaba

Picture by The Western Sky on Flickr

Picture by The Western Sky on Flickr

Wicked’ is a musical full of female roles. It’s been in Broadway for 12 years and London for 9. This means lots of great actors and actresses performing on stage, who became popular and grew up in front of the audience. Lots of women have been performing the role of Elphaba in London and New York, as the main actresses or understudy. Her performances have inspired lots of people and make them feel powerful singing ‘Defying Gravity’ up in the air.

Elphaba is a wonderful character, beloved by all the fans of the show. She changes a lot during the performance. At the beginning, she is shy, she is looking after her sister but willing to learn. She is very enthusiastic although having a hard life because of the colour of her skin. At the end of the show we see a completely different woman, stronger and passionate, who likes to fight against inequality.

On Broadway, lots of actresses have performed Elphaba like Idina Menzel, Shoshana Bean, Eden Espinosa, Ana Gasteyer, Julia Murney, Stephanie J Block, Kerry Ellis, Marcie Dodd, Nicole Parker, Dee Roscioli, Mandy Gonzalez, Teal Wicks, Jackie Burns, Willemijn Verkaik, Lindsay Mendez, Christine Dwyer, Caroline Bowman and Rachel Tucker, who is the current Elphaba. In London lots of actresses have portrayed Elphaba too, like Idina Menzel, Kerry Ellis, Alexia Khadime, Rachel Tucker, Louise Dearman, Willemijn Verkaik, Jennifer DiNoia and Emma Hatton.

This week I’ll write about some of those actresses. All of them are great, of course, and some of them are very popular after the show, but I want to focus on those who I like the most. You’ll have a little surprise this week as well. I hope you like this week dedicated to Elphaba.

MAG Defying Gravity



2 pensamientos en “Lots of actresses performing as Elphaba

  1. Geni

    When I saw Wicked in London, Elpheba was Rachel Tucker and I loved her. As well as Louise Dearman who was Glinda. May be you will write about this character later.

    Me gusta



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