Idina Menzel the first and memorable Elphaba

Picture by Disney / ABC Television Group on Flickr

Picture by Disney / ABC Television Group on Flickr

Idina Menzel was the first Elphaba in Broadway and London. After opening the show at the Gershwin Theatre, in New York, she moved to London to perform as Elphaba for the British audience. Since she was a young girl, born in New York, her dream was to become an actress. She studied at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and her debut on Broadway was in 1995, when she auditioned for ‘Rent’, an off-Broadway show that became so popular that soon moved to the Nederlander Theatre.

On her first role on Broadway, Idina Menzel was nominated at the Tony Awards, for the Best Featured Actress in a Musical. She originated the role of Maureen Johnson, a bisexual actress. In 2005, a film adaptation of ‘Rent’ was produced, directed by Chris Columbus and she performed as well as Maureen. After the success and popularity of ‘Rent’, she participated in some more shows on Broadway such as ‘Aida’, ‘Hair’ and ‘Funny Girl in concert’.

From 8th October 2003 to 8th January 2005 she was performing at the Gershwin Theatre in the new musical ‘Wicked’. One day before her last performance as Elphaba, she fell through a trap door, so she wasn’t able to perform the day after. She appeared at the end of the show, dressed as Elphaba and sung the last song and received a standing ovation for five minutes.

Idina Menzel won a lot of popularity because of ‘Wicked’. The show became one of the most important musicals in history, so of course, all the fans know her. She won the Tony Award for the Best Leading Actress in a Musical. She created a wonderful character that it’s really loved today. She moved to London after that to perform in the British production of ‘Wicked’. She was the highest-paid female actress in the West End. Her last performance was on 30th December 2006 and then Kerry Ellis took the role.

After ‘Wicked’, Idina Menzel has been performing in the 21st anniversary of the musical ‘Chess’ at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, in 2008 with Kerry Ellis, Josh Groban and Adam Pascal. Also, she participated in ‘Glee’, she was Shelby, the biological mother of Rachel (Lea Michele). Her last show on Broadway was ‘If/Then’. She was nominated again for a Tony Award for the Best Leading Actress in a Musical, but she didn’t win. She is now participating on a tour across United States.

She has recorded some albums. It’s true that most of them are cast recordings of musicals, like ‘Rent’, ‘Wicked’ or ‘If/Then’. And she has published some concerts; it’s true that she does a lot of concerts and performances. She is really beloved by the audience and she does great shows. Last June she came to London and sadly I missed it. She has some studios album like ‘I Stand’, ‘Here’ and ‘Still I Can’t Be Still’.

In 2013 Idina Menzel became really famous after giving her voice to Elsa on the Walt Disney Animation’s movie ‘Frozen’. This film it’s one of the most important success of the factory, the song ‘Let It Go’ is very popular (and sometimes annoying because you can listen to it everywhere and all the time). For lots of young people, Idina is famous for being Elsa and, of course, for ‘Let It Go’. She is a fantastic actress, with a lot of personality and a great voice. In this blog we love her and can wait to see her new challenges in her career.

Picture by DisneyLifestylers on Flickr

Picture by DisneyLifestylers on Flickr





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