Emma Hatton, the current Elphaba in London

Emma Hatton Elphaba Wicked London

Emma Hatton is the current Elphaba in ‘Wicked’ at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, in London. She is from Gloucestershire and since she was very young, she was sure that she wanted to be a singer and performer. Since she was 3 years old she started some dance lessons but she considers herself very versatile, she can perform but also write and create new songs. She studied English and Sport Science, but also she made a Degree at the London School of Musical Theatre, where she could develop her love for musicals.

She was performing on some pubs, where she could sing some of her own songs and some covers of musicals she liked. Her debut on the West End, after finishing her studies, was in the musical ‘Dreamboats and Petticoats’, in 2008. She was on tour around UK but then the show arrived at the Savoy Theatre and the company recorded the original cast. After that, she joined the cast of ‘We Will Rock You’ at the Dominion Theatre, as Scaramouche and Meatloaf.

After that, she became the alternate of Elphaba in ‘Wicked’ at the West End. She was performing with Willemijn Verkaik. In 2013 she performed more than Verkaik because she was having lots of problems with her back and she finally left the show. That’s how Hatton got the main role, but she was a standby while Kerry Ellis was back on the show.

She has been extended in ‘Wicked’ until August 2016 and hopefully lots of things will come next after playing Elphaba. I could see Emma Hatton last June, the last time I’ve seen the show and I really enjoyed her. Also, in the West End Live she did a fantastic performance of ‘Defying Gravity’ that will be unforgettable. So, if you are going to see ‘Wicked’ now you won’t be disappointed because she has lot of talent, like all the actresses that do their best to perform Elphaba in a wonderful show like ‘Wicked’.




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