Megan Hilty ‘smashed’ the role of Glinda on Broadway

Megan Hilty Ivy Lynn Smash Don't Forget Me

There are lots of actresses that have performed Glinda and all of them have been very important for the show because they give their hearts and all her talent to create a musical that everybody fall in love with. But some of the actresses, for some reasons, can be more famous and popular than others. That’s the case of Megan Hilty, who being in the ‘Wicked’ family from 2005 to 2006 as Glinda meant to become very famous and popular.

Megan Hilty is an extraordinary American actress famous all around the world for being part of the TV show ‘Smash’. Someday I should write about it, because I think that it was a show that could have been great and episode after episode became a huge disappointment. But anyway, it was great to see Megan Hilty performing in front of the cameras for the people who couldn’t see her performing live.

She was born in Washington and, since she was very young, she was having some theatre and opera lessons. That’s how she trained a great voice that we can enjoy today. Without any doubt, her voice has a lot of personality and great range. That’s why the role of Glinda is perfect for her. In fact, it was her first role after finishing her studies.

She arrived at the Gershwin Theatre in August 2004 as standby for Glinda, but she was the lead actress next year, in 2005. She was performing every night for one year, but then she continued playing the same character but on tour all around the United States. She also performed in the production of ‘Wicked’ in Los Angeles, where Eden Espinosa was Elphaba. Without doubt, Glinda is one of the most important roles in the career of Megan Hilty, she has even recognised many times that she wouldn’t mind to perform again as Glinda.

After ‘Wicked’, Megan Hilty has been performing in some musicals shows like ‘Vanities’ or ‘9 to 5’, but it’s true that she has basically developed her career to TV. She has participated in shows like ‘The West Wing’, ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Smash’, where she became famous. In ‘Smash’ she was Ivy Lynn, a girl who was fighting to be Marylin Monroe in the Broadway show ‘Bombshell’.

She has participated in many films, giving her voice in lots of movies for children like ‘Shrek the Third’, ‘Legends of Oz’ or ‘Tinker Bells and the Legend of the NeverBeast’. It’s great that she likes to perform for TV and films, because that’s the best way to see her around the world, but we even love her more for start her career as Glinda.




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