Savannah Stevenson, the current Glinda in London

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba) and Savannah Stevenson (Glinda). Picture by Troy David Johnston on Flickr

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba) and Savannah Stevenson (Glinda). Picture by Troy David Johnston on Flickr

Savannah Stevenson is the British actress who is performing as Glinda today at the Apollo Victoria Theatre of London. She is stunning in ‘Wicked’ because she is a young actress with lot of training and a great career that is going really far. She studied at the Guildford School of Acting and then she graduated at the National Youth Music Theatre. So, Savannah, like most of the actresses we’ve been discovering this month in this blog, knew since she was young that she wanted to be an actress and she studied and worked hard to make her dream come true. That’s fantastic and an inspiration for everybody.

Her debut as a professional actress was in ‘Mary Poppins’. She was still studying when she started to work in this musical. She was the ensemble in the role of Fannie. The show was on tour but in December 2004 finally arrived at the Prince Edward Theatre of London. She was ensemble of Winifred Banks and Mary Poppins and she also worked in the Original Cast Recording. Now that the show is back in the UK, I’m sure that Savannah can be very happy of all the good things she’s been after working on it.

After ‘Mary Poppins’, she worked in ‘Gone With The Wind’, ‘Aspects of Love’ and ‘Chariots Of Fire’. But then, in 2013 she started working in ‘Wicked’ at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. She replaced Gina Beck as Glinda. Since then, she has worked with lots of actresses such as Kerry Ellis, Willemijn Verkaik, Jennifer DiNoia or Emma Hatton as Elphaba. Recently she has been on a long break recovering from a broken foot, but now she is back on the show.

She keeps working on theatre and working in some other shows like the tour of ‘Cowardly Custard’, ‘The Wings of the Dove’, ‘Our Miss Gibbs’, ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘Cinderella’ or ‘She Stoops to Conquer’. She also performed in the original album of ‘Love Never Dies’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber. So watch her on stage is a joy, I’ve been lucky to see her twice as Glinda and she is a joy. She is really funny and has a fantastic voice, which is totally necessary for the role. So don’t miss the opportunity to see her in ‘Wicked’.




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