‘Wicked’ is a unique phenomenon

Picture by Chris Beckett on Flickr

Picture by Chris Beckett on Flickr

November is over. Another month, another musical is gone. ‘Wicked’ is one of the most important shows on Broadway and, in fact, in London too. Hopefully, someday we will watch a film adaptation about it, who knows? It would be great so many people from around the world would discover the songs and the plot.

During this month we discovered the huge potential of ‘Wicked’, creating a huge family of fans all around the world that, after watching the musical they love the songs, the score, the characters… In London, everyday, a lot of people wake up very early and start queuing in front of the Apollo Victoria Theatre for a couple of Day Seats. If you are next to Victoria, you always can see lot of people waiting there, any day, that’s extraordinary.

Also, year after year, ‘Wicked’ is a part of popular culture. Many fans around the world cover songs or get dressed as their favourite characters from the musical. This show has so much personality and soul that is lovely, lot of people adore it and feel related to those emotions.

As a goodbye of ‘Wicked’ as the Musical Of The Month, I want to share with you the first (and only for now) video of the ‘Out Of Oz’ studio series of the musical. I’m sure you know it already, but I adore this cover of ‘Defying Gravity’ by Rachel Tucker, the current Elphaba, and the famous Aaron Tveit, who was Fiyero in 2008. I’ll see you on the western sky!




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