Where Am I?

Picture by Spamalot On Tour official webpage

Picture by Spamalot On Tour official webpage

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you, my heart’s desire?

My heart is true, but where are you?

Only you can quench the fire. – Spamalot, the musical

I know, I know, I suddenly disappeared from everywhere. I stopped writing and tweeting, but I’m still alive. Many things happened in my life, but the most important of it is that I’m not living in London anymore.

I’m back to Barcelona, living happily with my partner, and also enjoying my new job and learning many things day by day. I decided to disappear from Internet for a while and focus in my life. I moved from UK to Spain and I swapped a flat too, plus starting a new job, so I can say that I’ve been very very very busy.

My life is completely different in Barcelona. I’m very happy to be here because I’m having fun everyday with my boyfriend, we are having such a beautiful experience, and I’m also closer to my friends and family. Also, I’m learning a lot in my job, related to what I studied, with many nice people around.

There’s only one thing I miss from London: musicals. I know that I’m not living that far but it’s highly difficult to travel there quite often. And in Barcelona there are a few shows but it’s not the same to me. I hope I can go to London from time to time to catch a few shows, but is not that easy once you have a new routine.

I was thinking on what to do with my blog, because I believe it’s not the same if I can’t write any review of shows at all. But I realised that I’m very lucky to have a huge collection of musical movies that I adore. So I can keep writing about them, I have content related to all the movies, songs and albums I like. So I’ll give it a go!

The blog will be a bit different, of course. I can’t assure you to be writing regularly, not as much as before, but I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated with the movies I like, scenes and songs that move me. Thank you for being there, reading my posts and writing comments. I hope you like musical films as much as I do and we can keep talking about it.

I’ll see you very soon!!!



3 pensamientos en “Where Am I?

  1. Maria Eugènia

    Welcome back!! Glad have you in Barcelona

    I’ll enjoy a lot to share with you musical movies. I love them very very much.

    See you soon

    Me gusta

    1. cesarmp90 Autor de la entrada

      I know, I disappeared for a while! Plenty of changes in my life, but now I’m getting used to! I hope you are good, I’m sure looking forward for holidays in London soon!!!

      Me gusta



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