‘Tracy, eat your donuts’

Everybody loves Tracy Turnblad, of course. She is self-confident, beautiful, funny, talented, activist, good person, innocent and brave. What I enjoy the most of this character is that looks like a stereotype but it’s absolutely not. She has a unique personality that shines from the very beginning.

Of course, the actresses that have portrayed this role are very important. On Broadway, Marissa Jaret Winokur originated the role, winning the Tony Award for that, something very surprising and deserved at the same time. While she was rehearsing the show, she got diagnosed with cancer and she fought the illness without revealing her condition to anybody because she didn’t want to lose the role, just her family. She was recovered and ready to perform on the opening night. Good for her!

From Youtube

Nikki Blonsky performing ‘Good Morning Baltimore’ in the movie adaptation of ‘Hairspray’. From Youtube.

In 2007, the movie adaptation of the show was produced and Nikki Blonsky was the new Tracy Turnblad. This actress and singer was performing for the first time in her career. It was a great beginning, she even got nominated for a Golden Globe Award, but Marion Cotillard won for ‘La Vie En Rose’ (a great performance too, of course).

The best of Tracy is her happiness, ‘Hairspray’ starts with a song, ‘Good Morning Baltimore’ that cheers you up. Her point of view is very clear, pure and innocent. She just wants to dance and learn, she doesn’t mind the colour of the skin, something that many people should do too. She grows up very fast and make everybody in Baltimore realise about their mistakes, about how stupid and unnecessary is racism.

Which is your favourite song from Tracy?




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