‘You’re Timeless To Me’

From Youtube

From Youtube

‘I can’t stop eating,

You’re hairline’s receding,

And soon there’ll be nothing at all,

So you’ll wear a wig,

While I roast a pig, hey,

Pass the Geritol!’

I don’t usually like this kind of duets, but this one is very special to me, I find it very beautiful. Edna and Wilbur have an argue for a misunderstanding, but they get over it because they love each other so much. They accept the way they are, loving every single particularity. That’s something that most of the people are willing to reach.

So, it’s not only a romantic song, it’s also a lesson of how the people should love their partners, without conditions and respect, with a bit of fun and making the difference something attractive too. I find it very inspiring and beautiful. It reminds me my relationship with my partner. Both are very different physically and with different personality, but we are fine with it and we love each other, enjoying every moment we are together. I’m lucky for that.

Do you also feel ‘(You Are) Timeless To Me’ related to your life?




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