The Corny Collins Show

From Youtube

From Youtube

Tracy is a big fan of the Corny Collins Show. It’s a TV program where she can see the people from Baltimore dancing and singing. Her dream is to become a dancer on the show. Once a month they make the ‘Negro Day’, where some black people dance. She is a big fan of that day and wants to dance with them too; she doesn’t care about the colour of their skin, she just enjoys their music and the way they move and that’s all. Tracy gets inspired and involved in the antiracism movement once she meets Seaweed and his family, and part of the team of the ‘Negro Day’ in the show.

Something very similar happens in the musical ‘Memphis’. As I’ve said many times before, they have lots of things in common. Huey Calhoun loves to listen to music made by black people and he starts to work in a radio just because he wants the rest of the people know about it. He gets really inspired and fights for change Memphis once he meets and starts a relationship with Felicia Farrell.

The Corny Collins Show is a place where lots of young people meet to enjoy music and dance. It’s inspired in a real TV show, called Buddy Deane Show, aired in Baltimore from 1957 to 1964. It was taken off from TV because it was unable to integrate black and white people, not like ‘Hairspray’.

From Youtube

From Youtube

At the beginning, the Corny Collins Show is a perfect place, a dream for Tracy, but then becomes more clear that isn’t that perfect, that it’s full of mistakes, inequality and too much egocentrism and desire of prominence. Instead of conform, she decides to change it with the help of her new friends, without knowing that her fight involves the whole American society.

Tracy is really inspired by the Corny Collins Show, she gets self-absorbed watching the TV. It reminds me when I watch a musical, like the whole world disappears. What inspires you the most like her?




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