‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’

From Youtube

From Youtube

The end is very important for a musical, because makes you realise if you really liked it or not. I think that in ‘Hairspray’ is great, even knowing that the story is going to finish fine, the last song is an explosion of colour, choreography and catchy rhythm that makes it perfect.

In ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ is like every character summarises their story, showing what they learned and how they changed since the beginning, so all of them dance happy and together.

I understand that for many people the song may be too repetitive, but I also think that it’s distended, enjoyable and makes you feel in a good mood. The song is very positive and kind, is absolutely one of my favourite from the musical.

My favourite part is, of course, Edna. She sings about how she changed, accepting herself for the way she looks like and wishing to be accepted for the rest of the people. It’s an important message that we should learn.

What’s your favourite part of the song?



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