You’ll be back like before

You’ll be back, soon you’ll se

You’ll remember you belong to me

You’ll be back, time will tell

You’ll remember that I served you well – Hamilton, the musical


Hello everyone, I’m back.

I know, I know, it’s been too long and I didn’t say anything. How could I? Shame on me!

I know, I know, I’ve disappeared before many times without saying nothing and coming back once again to disappear one more time after a while. I’m the worst person ever!!

Where have I been, you may ask? Well, I’ve been writing and working a lot. I really like my job, I’m very happy, but I spend a lot of hours writing so when I get home I need to rest and stop staring a screen for a while.

Now I’m not living in London anymore, and that means that sadly I’m missing many shows. During all this time, I’ve been considering the idea of closing this blog, because now is not the same as before. But I miss to write about musicals, because I’m always listening to soundtracks, searching for videos and reading news about the shows on Broadway and London.

Last August, I went to London on holidays and of course, I got some tickets. That’s what I saw:

  • Funny Girl’ at the Savoy Theatre
  • Guys & Dolls’ at the Phoenix Theatre
  • Show Boat’ at the New London Theatre
  • American Idiot’ at the Arts Theatre
  • Aladdin’ at the Prince Edward Theatre

So, I will give another chance to ‘Musicals Are Great’ because yes, they are! But this time, I’d like to introduce new things. First of all: the Musical of the Month is over.

At the beginning, I thought that if I organised the musicals that I should write, I would have the obligation to write more often. And that worked for a while, but then I was so busy that I was missing many things that I wanted to write about at the same time, like the Olivier Awards, the Tony, new shows in London and New York…

From now on, the posts will be random, about songs that I like, a movie that I just watched and I liked, my feelings for a song, or a soundtrack… Who knows? I’ll keep sharing my love for musicals with you.

Also, as you may know, I’m living in Barcelona and I’ll like to write about the shows that I’m going to see here. There aren’t many musicals, I’m telling you now, but from time to time I can see something. In that case, maybe I could write a post in Spanish, so the people from Spain can understand it. But I’m just guessing…

I have one more surprise for you, but you’ll have to wait until next week (come on, it’s Saturday, it won’t be long!). As always, thank you for reading me and for all your support, you are my motivation. I’ll see you very soon!! Lots of love!





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