‘The House Of Usher’ at The Hope Theatre


Hello musical lovers,

As you may know, I love new musicals because you can discover new stories, points of view and songs. Today I’m very excited to introduce you ‘The House Of Usher’, a new gothic musical thriller that will inspire you.

Last February, Luke Adamson and Daniel Bottomley met in a public house in Clapham Junction (London) to discuss the idea of adapting the classic Edgar Allan Poe story ‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’ to the stage. Drawn to the atmospheric nature of Poe’s writing, they decided that a musical adaptation would be the best way.

Daniel Bottomley composed the songs with many styles such as rock, folk and classical musical theatre tunes. On the other hand, Luke Adamson wrote the words but suddenly, his computer crashed and he lost all the work he’d done, being forced to start again, but he found a new angle.

The Ushers are an ancient and noble line, known for a number of things; repeated deeds of charity, a passionate devotion to the intricacies of musical science and a collection of many works of exalted art. What is not generally known is that they are plagued by an ancient family evil, a curse, that is causing Roderick Usher to be ill, sensitive to light and sound and unable to step outside the doors of his house. He calls upon his old childhood friend for help and he finds himself becoming more and more involved and falling deeper and deeper into the dark tangled web that is The House of Usher.


The cast includes Cameron Harle as the eponymus Roderick Usher, Eloise Kay as his sister Madeline and Richard Lounds as the Narrator. The show, written by Luke Adamson and Dan Bottomley, is directed by Luke Adamson and Phil Croft, with musical direction by Rob Gathercole.

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Don’t miss ‘The House Of Usher’ from the 18th October to 5th November. The performances are from Tuesday to Saturday at 7:45 pm.



At The Hope Theatre.

Here’s the address: 207, Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1RL



You can book your tickets at the Box Office of the Theatre or also online. You can check their webpage here:


The tickets costs only £15.

Book your tickets now!




Un pensamiento en “‘The House Of Usher’ at The Hope Theatre

  1. Maria Eugènia

    I don’t know if you could remember that in Barcelona, Dagoll Dagom a theater company specialised in musicals, in the year 2002, already released a musical called “POE” that was made with a mix of different books of Edgar Allan Poe. The main character was played by Roger Pera.

    Me gusta



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