Waiting for ‘Moana’

Picture from Walt Disney Studios Facebook

Picture from Walt Disney Studios Facebook

Hello everyone,

It’s just a few days left for the new Disney production’s, ‘Moana’, release and I’m so excited. I’ve seen some trailers and it looks really good, but I’ve tried not to get deep information such as the plot or how are the characters because I like to be surprised on the cinema.

I’m sure you already know that Lin-Manuel Miranda is the composer of the songs and I can’t wait to hear them, seriously, I can’t. How is the soundtrack going to be? Usually his style is a mixture of styles, as we can see in ‘In The Heights’ or ‘Hamilton’. But I’m really curious of how is it going to be in ‘Moana’.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is great with hip-hop songs, but I don’t feel that this movie is going to be like that. I think it’s going to be some Caribbean music and pop, but he is great surprising and introducing new rhythms that you don’t expect and fit very well.

For now, we can only hear ‘How Far I’ll Go’, performed by the Canadian singer Alessia Cara. I like it, but I’m waiting for the movie, because I remember when Demi Lovato’s ‘Let It Go’ was released I wasn’t very excited, but then I loved it once I watched the ‘Frozen‘ film.

The song and the video are fine. I like the lyrics a lot, because is talking about how she needs to change, to discover new adventures and leave the comfort zone. I’m sure it will be a great song and I’ll love ‘Moana’.

What do you think about ‘How Far I’ll Go’, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, performed by Alessia Cara?



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