‘Miss Saigon’, the 25th Anniversary Performance


Hello everyone,

I know I’m very very late about this, but I couldn’t find the time to write some words. On the 20th October, we went to see the screen adaptation of ‘Miss Saigon’, recorded at the Prince Edward Theatre in London.

It was an amazing evening remembering one of my favourite musicals in London, which I enjoyed so much. I saw the musical twice and it moved me a lot, I loved the choreographies, the story and the songs.

I personally love stage recordings because I think it’s the best way to share some musicals with people from all around the world that are not able to watch the production in London.

But, in the other hand, I feel that it’s not the same. While you watch the movie, you can’t forget that it’s a stage production that it’s recorded on film. So, sometimes, you don’t get the same emotions as if you were watching it live.

In the case of ‘Miss Saigon’ is very different. I think that the screen adaptation of this huge musical is more than fantastic, is absolutely stunning. You feel like you are in Vietnam all the time. I always wished a ‘Miss Saigon’ film adaptation as good as ‘Les Misérables’, but I don’t think we need it with this recording.

I enjoyed so much every minute of it, the performances are beautiful and it’s fantastic to watch it so close. The 25th anniversary recording, makes me love ‘Miss Saigon’ much more.

I just need to get the DVD soon and watch my favourite songs anytime again. Have you seen it, did you like it? What was your favourite part? Mine was ‘You Will Not Touch Him’, because I felt the tension and fear for Tam in the same way I was in the theatre.

I’ll see you soon!




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