‘On The Other Side’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher


Hello everyone,

Today I’m not really writing about musicals, I’d like to share with you a beautiful book written by the West End star Carrie Hope Fletcher.

Carrie is one of the most popular and talented actresses in London. She has performed as Éponine in ‘Les Misérables’, also in ‘The War of the Worlds’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. She has a Youtube channel called ItsWayPastMyBedTime where she talks about her experience, her hobbies, books, songs and films that she likes. She published her first fiction novel, called ‘On The Other Side’ and, of course, I had to read it!


I discovered Carrie at the West End Live. I didn’t know who was her but when she appeared at the stage everybody started to shout and clap. I was like: “what’s going on?” She was amazing and, at home, I started to check her Twitter and Youtube channel and since then I became a fan.

On The Other Side’ is definitely a love story like no other. Is the story of Evie Snow, an eighty-two years old woman that passes away in her sleep. She reaches the door of her own private heaven but she’s not able to open it. Her soul must be lighter to pass through it. She needs to get rid of what makes her soul heavier: three secrets that need to reveal before it’s too late.

I expected to find a good book and I really loved it. Carrie’s writing is fantastic, stunning and poetic. You can see how talented she is and how she looks after every little detail. I must recognise that it was a bit difficult for me to read, because I had to check some of the words, but it was worth it because the story was catchy.


I was really surprised with the story. If you see Carrie’s videos on Youtube, you can see how creative she is, and this book is a great example of that. The story has some ingredients that makes it very powerful such as magic, love, LGTB, death, truth… You can see how Carrie put all her heart and soul on this writing and I found it really moving.

So, if you don’t have ‘On The Other Side’, go for it now! It’s probably the best Christmas gift for this year. Meanwhile, you can watch some of her videos and performances online.

Here you can see how she sings ‘Pulled’ from the musical ‘The Addams Family’. I love it!

I’ll see you very soon!




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