Cole Porter and Linda Lee


Cole Porter is one of the most important composers in musical theatre. The musicals that he composed are iconic and his legacy is still present. He became popular for putting so much passion and soul in every song that he created.


In 1946, Hollywood produced his first biopic, called ‘Night and Day’, with some of his popular songs. The story was focused in his career and his happy relationship with his wife, Linda Lee Thomas, but something was missing. Many years later, in 2004, a new musical biopic was released, called ‘De-Lovely’, a very interesting film that shows more details about his private life and his sexuality.


Cole Porter was a celebrity, performing in all the parties that he used to attend. His private life was interesting for the newspaper. He was married with Linda Lee but they had an unconventional relationship because he was bisexual. There were some physical necessities that she couldn’t satisfy.

He used to meet some guys, but he also loved Linda Lee so much. She was his muse and inspiration for most of the songs. Of course it was hard for both of them, because incorporate a third, forth, fifth, etc. person in their relationship is not easy to accept at all.

In the end, their story is about respect and love. And as a result, we can listen and share some amazing songs and musicals such as ‘Anything Goes’, ‘Paris’, ‘The Pirate’, my favourite ‘Kiss Me, Kate’, and many more.

I see Linda Lee as a kind and strong woman. I believe that it’s hard to keep the serenity and strength when she realises that she’s not able to give what Cole’s really needs. Her love is stronger than all that, and that’s really inspiring and moving.

As I just said, ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ is probably my Cole Porter’s favourite musical. But, let me share with you my favourite performance of one of his songs. It’s ‘Anything Goes’, by the amazing Sutton Foster on the revival of ‘Anything Goes’ on Broadway in 2011. She actually won the Tony Award for the Best Leading Actress in a Musical. She’s amazing!



2 pensamientos en “Cole Porter and Linda Lee

  1. Maria Eugènia

    Amazing this coreography!!! When I was young I took some classes of tap dance but always it’s been a dream could dance like this

    Me gusta



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