What ‘Waitress’ Can Do


One year ago, I moved from London to Barcelona. There I lived for two years, enjoying as much musical theatre as I could, trying to improve my English (which is worst by now because here I don’t speak too much English) and working unfinished shifts as a waiter and a cook.

One year later, I feel proud and I like the job I have now, I feel like I am learning day by day, I feel fulfilled. But I don’t complain about my past, I’m not ashamed of my previous jobs, because they gave me so many learning too and confidence.

Why am I saying that? I think that a waiter is really hard job. You need to make coffees and stay on the till, do a lot of cleaning and also deal with clients (which it’s by far the worst part).

I think that when the people are hungry, they get the worst of themselves and pass it onto others, including the waiter, of course. That’s what makes this job hard and I discovered that most of the people are very ungrateful.

There is a musical at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, on Broadway, called ‘Waitress’ that really reminds me of my time as a waiter. I love the soundtrack of this show, with music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles, specially ‘Opening Up’, because conveys the feeling of routine very well and how exhausting it is.

What surprises to me the most is how Sara Bareilles created so much beauty and fun in specifically this song. I love it and I hope you enjoy it too!


‘Opening Up
Letting the day in
Over a cup
We’ll say “Hello, how ya been?”
Looking around
Seeing the same things
Every day brings
“Hello, how ya been?”
“Thank you, come again!”
Some things never change’


The picture is from the original webpage of ‘Waitress‘ on Broadway.



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