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Don’t miss ‘Pete ‘n’ Keely’ at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London

Hello everyone, I have some interesting news for you!

The European Premiere of the off-Broadway musical hit ‘Pete ‘n’ Keely‘ comes to Tristan Bates Theatre  this spring! Katie Kerr (‘Little Shop of Horrors‘, Menier Chocolate Factory; ‘Fat Pig‘, Comedy Theatre; ‘Sweeney Todd‘, English National Opera) and David Bardsley (‘Titanic‘, Charing Cross Theatre; ‘Guys and Dolls‘, National Theatre; ‘The Fix‘, Donmar Warehouse) lead this award-winning musical, featuring unforgettable renditions of the era’s popular favourites.

It’s 1968. America’s Swingin’ Sweethearts, Pete Bartel and Keely Stevens, are performing live on national television! The only catch? They haven’t spoken to each other in five years. Through a non-stop parade of song hits from the 50s and 60s – highlighted by elaborately staged flashbacks – Pete and Keely relive the roller coaster ride that got them where they are today… divorced! Pete and Keely have some unfinished business and the tension bubbling beneath the show’s glitzy surface threatens to boil over at any moment in a confrontation that will definitely not be ready for prime time.

As the inevitable blow-up gets closer, the songs become increasingly double- edged. History repeats itself, live and in full colour, as Pete and Keely head towards a conclusion that’s at once uproariously funny and surprisingly touching.


Tristan Bates Theatre, 1a Tower Street, London WC2H 9NP

Is located in the Actors Centre. The nearest underground stations are Leicester Square (on the Northern and Piccadilly lines) and Tottenham Court Road (on the Northern and Central lines). The nearest rail station is Charing Cross.


Tuesday 2nd – Saturday 20th May 2017
Tuesday to Saturday, 7.30pm
Wednesday and Saturday matinees, 2.30pm



Tickets are available priced £20 (£18 concessions)

You can book your tickets at the Tristan Bates Theatre Box Office and or 020 3841 6611 or

Do it now!


Also, don’t forget to check the Twitter of this company:

@PetenKeely, @Wallflower_UK, @DameKatieKerr

Interview to Lauren Samuels, currently performing in ‘La Ronde’ at The Bunker


Lauren Samuels is one of the most recognised actresses in London. She was one of the favourites on BBC’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ with Andrew Lloyd Webber (I’m sure all of you remember how she smashed ‘Popular’ from ‘Wicked’ with Danielle Hope). After her participation on the competition, she has developed a successful career and has achieved many roles in the West End such as ‘Vanities: The Musical’, ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and ‘Grease’.

She is now stepping outside of the realm of musical theatre into a sexuality charged role in ‘La Ronde’ at The Bunker (London’s newest underground theatre). Collaborative Artists’ new bold reimagining of Arthur Schnitzler’s ‘La Ronde embraces life’s game of chance as a roulette decides the cast’s roles every night and throughout the play. With over three thousand different versions of the show, four actors play the cast of ten in a gender-neutral adaption that distils the beating heart of London’s sexuality.

Samuels is pure inspiration and passion. I was very lucky to see her twice performing in ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and I was amazed by her voice and hard work. I’d like to share with you my interview to Lauren Samuels, that she accepted to respond for me. We talked about ‘La Ronde’ and musicals, of course:


Cesar: How are the performances of ‘La Ronde’ going, so far? How is the audience reacting?

Lauren Samuels: It’s going wonderfully thank you. The audiences have been great and what is fantastic is that many audience members are returning again and again to see the different variations of scenes with different actors.


C: There are three thousand versions of the same show, how can you be prepared for that?

LS: Well the main thing is obviously just knowing the script inside out. I can tell you that backstage in the dressing room before every show, we are all sat there going through the script over and over again!


C: Every night will be a new experience for the audience and for you. It must be very scary to begin the show without really knowing what’s going to happen. How challenging is that for an actor?

LS: It’s very scary and extremely challenging, yes. The nerves certainly don’t ever stop with this show! In a “normal” show you are able to slowly get more and more comfortable in the role you play, but with this there isn’t ever a moment to relax. Which of course also makes it incredibly exciting!


C: The concept of this show is that you can play any role. Why you don’t have your own role and perform it every night?

LS: Because how dull would that be 😉


C: The original play, written in 1897, is about how sexuality transgresses boundaries of class. Max Gill’s new version is set in London in 2017. I’m sure that the perception of sex has changed in 120 years, but do you think there are some ideas or prejudices that have been maintained?

LS: I think we’re much more open when talking about sex and our bodies these days, but I think this also means there is now much more anxiety about what is “normal” and “acceptable” sexually. How do my sexual activities define me for example, and indeed, do I want them to? There is much more freedom of choice these days it seems.



C: You have been performing in many musicals but, this time, in ‘La Ronde’, you don’t need to sing. Do you miss it?

LS: I love singing and will always find much joy from it, but also as an actress I’m always searching for the next challenge, and this was certainly it!


C: And speaking of musicals, which show are you willing to perform, which one would be like a dream come true for you?

LS: I recently saw ‘Waitress‘ in New York, if that ever comes to London I would LOVE to play Jenna.


C: Last year you performed at the Olivier Awards with Natalie Dew, Sophie-Louise Dann and Natasha Jayetileke. How was the experience?

LS: Oh it was such an amazing experience. ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ had closed the month before so it was lovely to be back with some of the cast and creatives celebrating our musical. I miss the show a lot.



C: What song from a musical on your playlist do you never skip? Also, which duet is your favourite?

LS: Since seeing my wonderful friend Lucie Jones in ‘Rent’ I’ve found my love again for the soundtrack. It’s so beautiful! I love the whole album. So I’ll also choose ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’ as my current favourite duet 🙂


C: Apart from ‘La Ronde’ at The Bunker Theatre, which show do you recommend seeing in London? Is there anyone that you haven’t seen yet but can’t wait for it?

LS: I missed the chance to see ‘Yerma’ with Billie Piper when that was here, so I’m thrilled that it’s returning to London and I cannot wait to see it this time!


C: Thank you very much for you time. I wish you all the best in ‘La Ronde’ and in your career. You truly are an inspiration and an example of hard work, passion and talent. I hope to see you soon in a musical in London and I can’t wait to see where your career will take you in the future.

LS: Thanks for having me 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as me. I would also like to say thank you to Suzie, for all your job and help.

Don’t miss Lauren Samuels and the rest of this extraordinary company performing every night ‘La Ronde‘ at the Bunker Theatre, until the Saturday 11th March 2017. Book your tickets now here: The Bunker



‘La Ronde’ at The Bunker Theatre


Hello everyone,

I have some exciting news for you! I’d like to share with you a new play that will open in London very soon. Collaborative Artists return for 2017 with a bold reimagining of Arthur Schnitzler’s infamous classic ‘La Ronde’ in a new adaptation by Max Gill.

This play embraces life’s game of chance and the blindness of desire and fortune as fate decides the cast’s roles every night and throughout the play. Four actors play the cast of ten, so no night or scene will be the same. With over three thousand different versions of the show, what will your story be?

As you can see, this is not a musical, so why am I sharing it with you? Guess who’s performing? Lauren Samuels, the West End star famous for performing in musicals such as ‘Vanities: The Musical’, ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and ‘Grease’. She’s amazing and probably one of the most important reasons to don’t miss the show.

She’ll be performing with Alex Vlahos (‘Fortune’s Fool’, ‘Emperor and Galilean’), Leemore Marrett Jr (‘Chariots Of Fire’, ‘Tide’, ‘Macbeth’) and Amanda Wilkin (‘Hamlet’, ‘Arabian Nights’).

Schnitzler’s ‘La Ronde’ was written at a time when sex was regarded as sinful and reprehensible. Director Max Gill re-works this controversial 1897 classic into a gender-neutral adaptation that interrogates modern attitudes to gender, sexuality and social status.



The Bunker Theatre, 53A Southwark Street London, SE1 1RU

The nearest tube station is London Bridge (Borough High Street exit). Turn left out of the station and continue up Southwark Street. The closest rail station is London Bridge.



Saturday 11th February 2017 – Saturday 11th March 2017

Tuesday – Sunday, 7:30 pm

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 3 pm

No performance on 14th February!



Tickets are available priced £19,50

Previews are priced at £12

Ten £10 are available at each performance for under 25s


You can book your tickets at the box office of the Bunker Theatre, on their webpage here and 0207 234 0486.


Also, don’t forget to check the Twitter of this company:

@BunkerTheatreUK, @collaboartists, @Larondelondon, @laurensamuels88

‘Muted’, a new British musical


Interval Productions present new musical ‘Muted’, written by Sarah Henley, with music and lyrics by Tim Prottey-Jones and Tori Allen-Martin.

Muted’ tells the story of teenager Michael Brookman, an exceptional singer whose band is on the brink of stardom. However, after the sudden death of his mother in a hit and run accident, Michael quits the band and stops speaking entirely. Three years on, Michael still hasn’t uttered a word and those around him have no idea what to do. Jake, Michael’s former band mate, is trying to hold everything together as the band’s shot at the big time comes along. But there’s a catch: the record label wants Michael back as the band’s frontman. Lauren, Michael’s ex-girlfriend who is now in a relationship with Jake, attempts to bring Michael back from the edge. In doing so, long-forgotten feelings are unearthed and uncomfortable truths force their way into the opening. Perhaps some cracks are just too big to paper over.

This musical will be brought to life by Tori Allen-Martin, Edd Campbell Bird, David Leopold, Jos Slovick and Helen Hobson. The early workshop version of the show (titled ‘After the Turn’) received a Broadway World nomination for Best Fringe or Regional Musical and a What’s on Stage nomination for Best New Musical.



The Bunker Theatre, 53A Southwark Street London, SE1 1RU

The nearest tube station is London Bridge (Borough High Street exit). Turn left out of the station and continue up Southwark Street. The closest rail station is London Bridge.



Wednesday 7th December 2016 – Saturday 7th January 2016

Tuesday – Sunday, 7:30pm

Saturday and Sunday, 3pm



Tickets are available priced £22.50 (£18.50 concessions)

Previews are priced at £14

Ten £10 tickets are available at each performance for under 25s


Don’t forget to check the Twitter of this company:

@BunkerTheatreUK, @IntervalProds, @mutedmusical



‘The House Of Usher’ at The Hope Theatre


Hello musical lovers,

As you may know, I love new musicals because you can discover new stories, points of view and songs. Today I’m very excited to introduce you ‘The House Of Usher’, a new gothic musical thriller that will inspire you.

Last February, Luke Adamson and Daniel Bottomley met in a public house in Clapham Junction (London) to discuss the idea of adapting the classic Edgar Allan Poe story ‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’ to the stage. Drawn to the atmospheric nature of Poe’s writing, they decided that a musical adaptation would be the best way.

Daniel Bottomley composed the songs with many styles such as rock, folk and classical musical theatre tunes. On the other hand, Luke Adamson wrote the words but suddenly, his computer crashed and he lost all the work he’d done, being forced to start again, but he found a new angle.

The Ushers are an ancient and noble line, known for a number of things; repeated deeds of charity, a passionate devotion to the intricacies of musical science and a collection of many works of exalted art. What is not generally known is that they are plagued by an ancient family evil, a curse, that is causing Roderick Usher to be ill, sensitive to light and sound and unable to step outside the doors of his house. He calls upon his old childhood friend for help and he finds himself becoming more and more involved and falling deeper and deeper into the dark tangled web that is The House of Usher.


The cast includes Cameron Harle as the eponymus Roderick Usher, Eloise Kay as his sister Madeline and Richard Lounds as the Narrator. The show, written by Luke Adamson and Dan Bottomley, is directed by Luke Adamson and Phil Croft, with musical direction by Rob Gathercole.

Don’t forget to check the Twitter of this company:



Don’t miss ‘The House Of Usher’ from the 18th October to 5th November. The performances are from Tuesday to Saturday at 7:45 pm.



At The Hope Theatre.

Here’s the address: 207, Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1RL



You can book your tickets at the Box Office of the Theatre or also online. You can check their webpage here:

The tickets costs only £15.

Book your tickets now!



BUZZ: A New Musical


Hello there,

I would like to present you a very interesting new musical in London. I personally love to watch new productions and show because you can discover a lot of talented people and new ideas on stage.

BUZZ: A New Musical’ is a comedy musical about the history of the vibrator, which has won a 3 week run at the Drayton Arms Theatre after a sellout month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

This is a feminist production proudly celebrating women’s independence and sexuality, with a cast of 9 recently graduated actor musicians. In this show you’ll travel from the cave women of the Stone Age to Victorian London’s Hysteria Pandemic, from Cleopatra’s Egypt to the Land Girls of World War II.

If you like Bridget Jones movies and ‘The Book Of Mormon’, I’m sure you’ll love ‘BUZZ: A New Musical’.



The Fat Rascal Theatre Company is presenting this ambitious production. Is a fresh new company from this year’s East 15 Acting School graduates. They are bold, cheeky and brash, using music and comedy to educate and empower.

This show, directed by Taylor Danson and Freya Espie, has a brilliant team working on it such as Robyn Grant (Book and Lyrics), James Ringer-Beck (Music), Matthew Ives and Allie Munro (Choreography). The cast includes Taylor Danson and Adam Napier (seen in ‘Peter Pan’ at the Regents Park Open Air Theatre). Fat Rascal Theatre gave them the opportunity to create a brave new work in a financially safe and supportive space.

I truly recommend this kind of productions. I know they are not as popular as the rest of the huge shows that are in London, but this people are working so hard as well, with lot of passion that reaches the audience and makes them discover new ideas.

Also, ‘BUZZ: A New Musical’ won the Stella Wilkie Award, the East 15 New Companies Award and the Eddies Award in 2016. About the Eddies Awards, the artistic director Antonio Ferrara said that this show is a ‘hugely ambitious musical coming from a genuinely collaborative company of artists, which manages to be both inventive and political, hilarious and accessible all at once’.

Don’t forget to check the Twitter of this company:



You can catch ‘BUZZ: A New Musical’ at the Drayton Arms Theatre, 153 Old Brompton Road, London, SW5 0LJ.

The theatre is really close to South Kensington and Gloucester Road Underground Station

The theatre is really close to South Kensington and Gloucester Road Underground Station



The musical will be there from Tuesday 11th October to Saturday 29th October (performances from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Saturday Matinee at 3:00 pm).



You can get your tickets at the Box Office of the theatre or also checking their webpage:

The tickets cost £14 (£10 conc.).

The show is suitable for ages 16+ (contains strong language, partial nudity and scenes of a sexual nature).


I’d like to invite you to see ‘BUZZ: A New Musical’, because I know that this show will be amazing and I want you to enjoy it. I’ll give a pair of ticket, so you can watch it with a friend, your father, your mother or your partner.

The competition starts now and will end on Saturday 15th October.

What do you need to do?

BUZZ: A New Musical’ is a show about feminism, inspired in the vibrator, a very important sexual toy that brings pleasure and freedom to women all around the world.

I love women that fight for equality, for breaking the rules and be free in their own way.

If you want to catch a pair of tickets for ‘BUZZ: A New Musical’ at the Drayton Arms Theatre, in London, you need to tell me which women character from musicals inspires you to fight for equality and feminism and why.

You can send me your answer by e-mail at

Also, don’t forget to let me know which day you would like to watch the show (performances are from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8:00 pm until the Saturday 29th October).


I can’t wait to read your answers! Here’s mine:

Made in Dagenham GemmaRita O’Grady from the musical ‘Made In Dagenham’ that I saw at the Adelphi Theatre. She is a woman, a wife, a mother and a worker that fights for equal pay. She represents all the women who fought in 1968 in the Ford factory in Dagenham. They changed UK and Europe’s story, in terms of civil right.

I’ll contact the winner by e-mail.

Good luck to all of you!

I’ll see you very soon!


‘Cats’ is really beautiful and emotional

Picture from the official webpage of 'Cats, the musical' in London

Picture from the official webpage of ‘Cats, the musical’ in London

Cats’ is probably one of the most popular British classics in musical theatre. The show was back last year in London with lots of expectations and this year is back again. I went to see the show in January for the first time with my boyfriend and we cried watching Nicole Scherzinger performing ‘Memory’. You can check the review here. When I knew that ‘Cats’ was coming back for a limited time again I knew that I would see the show one more time for sure. This time, Beverley Knight is Grizabella, but the fantastic Madalena Alberto is the alternate in some of the performances. I love both actresses so much but, if I can choose, I prefer to see Madalena. So I booked my tickets and I brought my sister with me this time, to discover the Jellicle Cats story.

The musical is very unusual and unique. It’s the story of the Jellicle Cats. They meet at the Jellicle Ball to find which cat will be reborn in a new and exciting life. All the cats meet there and discuss who can be the chosen one. It’s a musical created by Andrew Lloyd Webber inspired in the poem book ‘Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats’ by T. S. Elliot. There are a lot of different characters but the most important we could say it’s Grizabella, because she appears many times (my sister was complaining that not too much) and she has a story more complex and developed.

The story is a mixture of characters, scenes and emotions. You feel like a kid with Mr. Mistoffelees or very nostalgic with Grizabella. You feel scared with Macavity and funny with Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer. All the characters have a lot of personality and give so many emotions that you can feel it without any problem. The show is very poetic, the lyrics are difficult to get if you’re not an English speaker, but you feel it anyway, somehow. That’s why ‘Cats’ it’s so magical and unique, because it’s so beautiful to see that moves you and changes you. It’s different than lots of musicals made today but it’s so wonderful that it’s a must see, without doubt.

I am very glad to have seen the show twice, because I felt lots of different emotions and enjoyed the effects and choreographies again. The dancers are fantastic, they really look like cats, they dance, move and perform as they were real cats and that’s fantastic and beautiful to see. This time I was at the Royal Circle and I could see the whole stage very well and very close to the actors, I was really surprised and excited. From my perspective I could watch the choreographies in a better way than I saw last year, at the stalls, with the Day Seats. I know all the songs already and it’s one of the best creations of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

This new production of ‘Cats’ incorporates a few changes. Basically effects, you can see a new Heaviside Layer that it’s amazing. Or ‘Gus: The Theatre Cat’, that you can see the theatre where he was performing. Again, I must say that the worst thing from this production is Rum Tum Tugger. It’s worst than I remembered. I didn’t like it at all, for me it breaks the charming and the innocence of the rest of the show. All the musical is made with lots of beautiful and simple melodies, so I didn’t like the hip hop rhythms, I can’t understand why they did that. Of course is not a problem of the actor, who does his best singing and dancing, but what were the creators thinking? Probably they were trying to make the show appealing for some young audiences, but it didn’t work for me.

Picture from the official Facebook of Madalena Alberto

Picture from the official Facebook of Madalena Alberto

Grizabella is one of my favourite characters in musicals. She used to be very glamorous but now she’s old, she has lost her sparkle. She is so dramatic, beautiful and passionate, with one of the better hits like ‘Memory’. For this production, her dress and makeup is fantastic, I think it’s stunning. She looks like an unkempt cat, with lot of attitude and sadness at the same time. Last year, Nicole Scherzinger and Kerry Ellis performed as Grizabella. This year it’s the turn of Beverley Knight (which I discovered in ‘Memphis’) and the super talented Madalena Alberto.

I love Madalena Alberto so much, as you know already, so of course I couldn’t wait to see her performing ‘Memory’ and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I felt lots of emotions impregnating my soul. I love her voice so much and it fits really well as Grizabella. She sings ‘The Glamour Cat’ and then ‘Memory’ twice. I wish she was more on stage, but that’s the show, her character isn’t really loved by the rest of cats, so she is hiding all the time. Madalena is a great performer, she was walking slowly, as an old cat, and you could see that she is really enjoying the show. I am very glad for her that she achieved a musical as ‘Cats’. She is performing every Wednesday at the matinee show, so if you can get some tickets I truly recommend it. She is very good doing roles that die. I’m joking, she is fantastic.

Cats’ is a great musical, you can learn a lot of it. Also, you can enjoy it and feel lots of emotions. The best is to watch the actors and actresses dancing and acting as cats. And of course, it’s a privilege to listen to some fantastic songs like ‘Memory’, ‘Macavity: The Mystery Cat’ or ‘Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats’ (and many more). The musical will be at the London Palladium until the 2nd January 2016. Don’t miss it this time!

Picture from the official webpage of 'Cats, the musical' in London

Picture from the official webpage of ‘Cats, the musical’ in London