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Cuando Cirque Du Soleil aterrizó en Broadway

Cirque Du Soleil es una compañía de circo nada convencional, que además ha logrado superar muchas barreras: por un lado, sus espectáculos son un éxito a nivel internacional y se han podido ver en todo el mundo, y por el otro, han producido espectáculos de circo, películas, documentales y hasta un musical en Broadway. ¡Qué pasada!

El musical de Cirque Du Soleil, ‘Paramour’, se estrenó en el Lyric Theatre de Broadway en abril de 2016 y estuvo en cartel durante un año. Recibió buenas críticas por su enorme puesta en escena, que dejaba al público con la boca abierta, con muchas acrobacias y escenas de circo no demasiado habituales en el teatro musical. La historia, eso sí, no era muy original, trataba sobre la época dorada de Hollywood.

Protagonizado por la actriz Ruby Lewis, ‘Paramour’ incorporaba canciones originales y se lanzó un original cast recording con todas ellas, entre las que destaco ‘Love Triangle’. Los espectáculos de Cirque Du Soleil siempre tienen muchas canciones y músicas originales. Por ejemplo, el tema principal de ‘Alegría’ es muy popular, incluso para los que no conozcan el espectáculo.

Yo soy muy fan de esta compañía de Canadá, aunque solo he podido ver en directo uno de sus espectáculos, ‘Dralion’. El año que viene regresan a España con ‘Totem’, espero poder verlo. ¿Tras ‘Paramour’ en Broadway, quién sabe con qué nos sorprenderá Cirque Du Soleil en el futuro?

Las fotografías que ilustran este post proceden de la página web oficial de ‘Paramour‘ de Cirque Du Soleil.


What ‘Waitress’ Can Do


One year ago, I moved from London to Barcelona. There I lived for two years, enjoying as much musical theatre as I could, trying to improve my English (which is worst by now because here I don’t speak too much English) and working unfinished shifts as a waiter and a cook.

One year later, I feel proud and I like the job I have now, I feel like I am learning day by day, I feel fulfilled. But I don’t complain about my past, I’m not ashamed of my previous jobs, because they gave me so many learning too and confidence.

Why am I saying that? I think that a waiter is really hard job. You need to make coffees and stay on the till, do a lot of cleaning and also deal with clients (which it’s by far the worst part).

I think that when the people are hungry, they get the worst of themselves and pass it onto others, including the waiter, of course. That’s what makes this job hard and I discovered that most of the people are very ungrateful.

There is a musical at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, on Broadway, called ‘Waitress’ that really reminds me of my time as a waiter. I love the soundtrack of this show, with music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles, specially ‘Opening Up’, because conveys the feeling of routine very well and how exhausting it is.

What surprises to me the most is how Sara Bareilles created so much beauty and fun in specifically this song. I love it and I hope you enjoy it too!


‘Opening Up
Letting the day in
Over a cup
We’ll say “Hello, how ya been?”
Looking around
Seeing the same things
Every day brings
“Hello, how ya been?”
“Thank you, come again!”
Some things never change’


The picture is from the original webpage of ‘Waitress‘ on Broadway.


‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ stills alive

Jesus Christ Superstar’ was back in Broadway in 2012. It’s one of the last revivals of the show in the world. It was at the Neil Simon Theatre only for a few months, but it was nominated for the Tony Awards. This production combined lot of multimedia, so it was quite visual.

In 2012 and 2013, in Australia and United Kingdom, a spectacular production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ was on tour too. This version was like a kind of rock concert, set in the 21st century. It was recorded and published on DVD. It had lots of effects and celebrities playing the main roles, like ex-Spice Girl Melanie C as Mary Magdalene. This made one of the most important and popular productions of the show.

The musical is on tour through UK right now. A new production with Glenn Carter (who played Jesus on the 2000’s movie) playing the same role again, Tim Rogers as Judas and Rachel Adedeji as Mary Magdalene. The tour is running until November, without stopping in London for now.

So all these productions make me think that ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ is a show that stills very alive. It keeps changing, getting transformed and renewed for the new generations, without losing the essence and the power of the original idea by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.



‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ soon in Broadway

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ is a classical Disney movie. Released in 1996, the story was based in a novel by Victor Hugo, who wrote ‘Les Misérables’ too. The amazing music was created by Alan Menken, composer of lots of popular Disney movies like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or ‘The Little Mermaid’; and lyrics were written by Stephen Schwartz, composer of the successful ‘Wicked’. Now, it’s a massive project of Disney Theatrical Productions.

The first stage adaptation of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ was presented in Berlin in 1999 and it ran there for three years. It was the first time that a Disney musical was presented outside the United States. The story was closer to the book than the movie. Everything was dark, obscure, mysterious and dramatic.

Since then, different English productions of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ have been made. But not a Disney production in Broadway yet, which is probably coming soon. It’s exciting because if it’s successful, who knows if it can come to Europe? The American premiere of the show started a few weeks ago, on the 28th October 2014 in La Jolla Playhouse, in San Diego. It will be there until 14th December 2014. Then it will be transferred to the Paper Mill Playhouse, in New Jersey, next year.

The American production is based in the Berlin’s musical. So, the story is a little bit different from the popular movie (don’t worry, no spoilers). And some important changes have been done. Some of the reviews are very good. Apparently is a very good show, with spectacular scenery, where you can see the bells of Notre Dame, and a chorus singing in Latin. The songs are more or less the same, with some new or some changed, adapted to the new story. As you can imagine, the opening is longer, for example.

Let’s see how is the new production of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ in the United States. Sure is amazing, shocking and startling as all Disney adaptations. Hopefully is coming to London some day.