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Lea Michele lanza su nuevo álbum ‘Places’

Lea Michele ha lanzado su nuevo álbum en solitario, ‘Places’. Han pasado tres años desde que publicó su primer CD, ‘Louder’, y por fin regresa con nuevas canciones. Debo reconocer que las nuevas canciones me han sorprendido bastante y me han dejado buen sabor de boca.

Me considero muy fan de Lea Michele. El original cast recording de ‘Spring Awakening’ es uno de mis favoritos desde siempre y cuando descubrí que la protagonista de ese musical, Lea que interpretaba a Wendla, iba a protagonizar una nueva serie musical, ‘Glee’, supe que no podía perdérmela.

Glee’ empezó muy bien y, con el paso del tiempo, fue empeorando mucho. Sin embargo, ella era el único motivo para mi para seguir viendo la serie y eso que su personaje, Rachel Berry, era basante repelente. Una vez terminada, deseo que Lea siga actuando y cantando. Me moriría por verla interpretando a Elphaba en la próxima adaptación al cine de ‘Wicked’ y no a Nicole Scherzinger, por favor, como se rumorea últimamente. Nicole tiene muy buena voz, pero actuando a mi me decepcionó mucho en ‘Cats’, la verdad. Sea cual sea la decisión, seguro que estará bien, ¡pero yo voto por Lea Michele!

Vuelvo al tema, que me despisto. Después de ‘Glee’, a Lea tan solo se la ha visto actuando en la serie ‘Scream Queens’, pero nada más y no entiendo el porqué. Sí que se ha centrado en su carrera como cantante con dos álbumes bajo el brazo. El primero, ‘Louder’, no estaba mal, pero para mi era demasiado pop comercial, uno más, nada destacable. Algunas canciones eran muy potentes, eso sí, como ‘Cannonball’, escrita por Sia, ‘On My Way’, ‘Battlefield’ o ‘If You Say So’, dedicada a Cory Monteith.

En ‘Places’, Lea Michele se ha decantado más por baladas y tiene un toque mucho más teatral que a mi me interesa mucho más. Si bien sigue dentro de la línea pop, me encanta que no se haya dirigido al pop electrónico, como parece que toda la música comercial va.

Mis canciones favoritas son ‘Love Is Alive’, ‘Heavy Love’, ‘Anything’s Possible’ y ‘Getaway Car’. Lo único que le faltaría a Lea es escribir sus propias canciones, para darle un aire más personal. Todo llegará, supongo. Lo que yo tengo más ganas es de ver a Lea Michele actuando de nuevo o que vuelva a los escenarios de Broadway, me haría especial ilusión.

Lea Michele tiene una voz personal y una apariencia y teatralidad espectacular, que recuerda mucho a Barbra Streisand. Para mi, es toda una diva.



‘Not a loser anymore’

Glee’ has an especial connection with musicals. Most of the songs, stories, characters or even actors or actresses are coming from Broadway. At the beginning of the first season, the actress Kristin Chenoweth appeared playing April and performed probably one of the best scenes on the whole show.

You probably know who is Kristin Chenoweth, but just in case, she is an American actress and singer. Although she has been in many films and TV shows, like ‘Pushing Daisies’, ‘The Good Wife’ or ‘The West Wing’, she is better known for performing on Broadway in shows like ‘Wicked’, ‘You Are A Good Man, Charlie Brown’, ‘Promises Promises’ and ‘On The Twentieth Century’.

In ‘Glee’, Kristin plays April, a weird and funny woman. She used to study on the McKinley High School with Will Schuester. She has some problems with alcohol because she is really frustrated, her dream was to become a Broadway artist, but it didn’t succeed. Se is really funny, charming and endearing. She helps the Glee Club so much, buying for them an auditory so they can perform.

The most memorable scene of Kristin Chenoweth in ‘Glee’ is singing ‘Maybe This Time’, from the musical ‘Cabaret’. In fact, April and Sally Bowles are not that different. Both of them are extremely talented but frustrated and tired with life. Everything has been so unfair with them, especially in love. So I see ‘Maybe This Time’ as a very dramatic song, performed by a woman with lot of personality. This song is for Daniel, so in love with this diva solo and Kristin. I enjoy that her voice and this song inspire you so much.

Cabaret’ is one of the most important musicals in history, with music by John Kander and Fred Ebb. In Germany, before Hitler won the elections, Cliff, an American writer, arrives to Berlin. He goes to the Kit Kat Club where he meets Sally Bowles and they have an affair. The club is very provocative and critical with Nazis and it means lots of problems for the main characters, because they are very liberal and related to the Club.

Kristin Chenoweth and Lea Michele do a great duet. I used to enjoy this kind of performances on ‘Glee’, fresh, surprising, unexpected and breathtaking. It’s amazing how two different stories are related by a song. And I love that a song can share same feelings and emotions in two different situations. What do you think about ‘Maybe This Time’?



Rachel is changing

Rachel Berry changes a lot during the show. Se is a teenager and becomes a woman. She is the main character of ‘Glee’, so she is completely different from the beginning at the last episode. When the show started, Rachel was a very talented student. Her dream was to become an artist on Broadway, but she was arrogant, childish and smug. Because of her attitude, she is lonely, without friends. Once she joins the Glee Club she makes lots of new friends who cares and loves.

At the end of ‘Glee’, she is a professional actress. Her career is very successful but she has made lots of hard choices and mistakes during all those years. But they are important to succeed.

There are two solos that remind me this transition. Probably there are more songs about changing and growing up on the show, but these two really inspired me.



At the end of the third season Rachel must go to New York to study because she has been accepted at NYADA school. But the plan was to move there with Kurt and Finn, but they have been rejected from the schools they applied for. So she decides not to go alone to the big city. But Finn encourages her to do it, because she has too, is good for her career.

It’s a hard decision and this song expresses very well all the feelings from the characters: fear, sadness, hope and love. This song was written by the duet Room For Two. They write songs for many people like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers… And they also wrote the original songs for ‘Glee’ like ‘Get It Right’ or ‘Loser Like Me’. This song is very beautiful and inspiring, they did a great job and because of ‘Glee’ lots of people could discover it. To me, it’s one of the saddest and heartbreaking scenes of the whole show.



In life, we need to deal with hard decisions, and sometimes is difficult to know if they are the best choice or not. On the fourth season of ‘Glee’, Rachel had to decide if she wants to appear naked in a film. She thinks if it’s worth it to become an artist as she has always dreamed. So she has a duet with herself, the modern and the Rachel from the past.

I think this scene is very well composed, because you can see two different Rachel singing together, it makes a lot of sense and you can understand her feelings. The song is also very appropriate, created by the Australian-British singer and songwriter Natalie Imbruglia. I enjoy to see Rachel how was in the past, with tracky dresses, and in the present, with lot of style and charming. It’s a scene about being conscious about changes and becoming adult, which is great.

What do you think about these solos, do you like them, is there any other you like more?

Rachel sings musicals


On Monday I wrote about Rachel’s songs from the classic ‘Les Misérables’, but on the 6 seasons, she has sung a few songs from other musicals. It makes a lot of sense that she sings this kind of songs, because she adores musical theatre. As a character, she must have a huge play list of favourite songs from different shows. Her repertory in ‘Glee’ includes classic and modern musicals, like ‘Wicked’, ‘Chicago’, ‘Evita’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Grease’, ‘Rent’, ‘West Side Story’ or ‘Funny Girl’.



Rachel performed one of the most iconic songs of ‘Evita’. It was a duet, with Kurt Hummel, but her solo version was released too. She is great for this song, like Chris Colfer, but it’s a bit weird for me to listen a boy singing it. I prefer her.

This song is part of the show created by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, inspired in Eva Perón’s life. As you may know, ‘Don’ Cry For Me Argentina’ is one of the most important, moving and popular scenes. It couldn’t be missed on ‘Glee’.



Ok, I must recognise something: I hate ‘Glee’s version of ‘Defying Gravity’. I’ve always loved the original version so so so so much, that for me Lea and Chris’ voices are boring in this song. It’s a bad excuse, I know, but I just don’t like it. For the 100th episode they performed it again and I was like: ‘Please, not again’.

Defying Gravity’ is a song from ‘Wicked’. Some songs of the show have been performed on the show, like ‘Popular’ and ‘For Good’. Is the story of the Witches of Oz. The main character is Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, an ambitious girl who fights to protect the most vulnerable creatures of her world, becoming evil and ferocious for most of the people because of the Wizard’s lies. This song is the apotheosis’ final song of the first act.



On the second season, Rachel sings ‘What I Did For Love’ from the musical ‘A Chorus Line’. She is sad because everybody on the Glee Club is upset with her for cheating on Sunshine, a girl who is trying to joing the club. She said that she was only trying to help the Club, but everybody knows that she was jealous because Sunshine is very talented.

A Chorus Line’ is a classic musical. You can see how hard is for actors and actresses to get a part on a show on Broadway. Diana is desperate because she needs a job that’s why she goes to the audition, even knowing that her ex is the director. The audition is not easy at all because of the memories of their relationship.



I was very impressed for this version because the scene was the same as the movie. Is one of the most popular songs from ‘Yentl’. This musical was directed and performed by Barbra Streisand, so of course the song had to be performed by Rachel. In ‘Glee’, Kurt’s dad had a heart attack, so the club decided to perform for him a lot of songs to cheer him up.

This musical is about a Jewish girl who is not able to study. Her father allows her to read, but once he is dead, she decides to cut her hair and get dressed as a boy so she can go to study.


I couldn’t finish making a list of great musical songs and Rachel solos performed on the show. Which one is your favourite?


‘Pumpin Blood’

One of the best things about ‘Glee’ is that they can change your mood. Most of the stories were so absurd that they could take you a smile. But I also enjoyed to be surprised with the songs, to discover new songs or listen again old ones, that were somewhere in my memory. And of course, some of them make you feel happy.

That’s the case of ‘Pumpin Blood’. Probably is not one of the most important songs of Rachel Berry but it’s true that is not a bad performance, she is great as always, it’s catchy and the happiness and good mood is contagious.

This song was performed on the 5th season of the show. It was the opening night of ‘Funny Girl’, all the friends of Rachel came to see her and then they went to celebrate the success. They went to a gay club and they have lot of fun, as you can see on the video. Of course, is the best place to celebrate her debut; because everybody loves her, she is a diva, a superstar.

Pumpin Blood’ was created by a Swedish band called NONONO in 2013 for their album ‘We Are Only What We Feel’. I love the original version as well, is an electronic, indie pop song, not the kind of music that I use to listen, but it’s catchy, is not that bad. And reminds me a lot of the scene in ‘Glee’. Rachel just performed for the first time on Broadway, so it’s time to have some fun and celebrate it.

Do you feel the happiness of ‘Pumpin Blood’?


Original Songs

I honestly think that ‘Glee’ could have been a great show, but it didn’t. The writers and producers wasted many opportunities to be memorable. In the second season, they decided to create a few original songs, which it was a great idea. Stop covering for the first time and create new content, but they only made a few songs.

I think that more original songs would be great for the show; it would have been a better quality, instead of lots of forgetful covers. I think that the covers of ‘Glee’ don’t have anything special. It’s just the same song, the same music, with a different voice from the original. After 6 seasons, that’s boring to hear. And also boring to perform, most of them in the choir room without any special choreography.

During the second season, Rachel proposed to introduce some original songs for the different competitions. They performed ‘Get It Right’ and ‘Loser Like Me’ on the Regionals and ‘Pretending’ and ‘Light Up The World’ on the Nationals. During that season, there are a few original songs like ‘Hell To The No’, ‘Trouty Mouth’ or ‘My Headband’ because the New Directions were looking for the perfect songs to perform.

The best original song to me is ‘Get It Right’, of course a Rachel’s solo. I felt that, for the first time, I was watching a musical. The songs were expressing the feelings of the character, with a song instead of only words. The song was integrated in the story, was a part of it like a musical should be. And a new lyric and melody, not a cover was brilliant.

Lea’s performance is memorable too. On her own, on the stage, just singing. The song means a lot for the character, because she is in love with Finn but he has a relationship with Quinn. He is kind of playing with the two girls because he is not brave enough to decide. And it’s frustrating for her.

Also, in the last episode, there is ‘This Time’, which we can consider an original song as well. It was composed by Darren Criss (who plays Blaine). It’s an important song because is very dramatic, is the last solo of Rachel, also the last ballad of the show and if you listen carefully all the words, you see that is very emotional.

Do you like the original songs or you prefer the covers of any other artist or musical?


Rachel Berry in ‘Funny Girl’

Rachel Berry has a lot of Fanny Brice in ‘Funny Girl’. I didn’t know much about the show until a few months ago, when I discovered the movie by Barbra Streisand and I adored it. I was very surprised because I realised that Rachel, as a character, has a lot in common with Fanny Brice (who is also inspired in a real person). So, it’s not a coincidence that her first Broadway’s role is Fanny in ‘Funny Girl’.

In the show, she performs some of the most important songs of the musical, which are very popular for Barbra’s voice. Basically because she is rehearsing them or performing on the theatre, but some are parts of the story too. I think it’s great because most of the people can hear again those lovely songs or discover them for the first time, like me.

I fell in love with ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’. Was one of the hits of Rachel on the first season. Performing in the Sectionals, she sung as a solo proving everyone her extraordinary range and voice. I think everybody was so impressed with this scene, watching her nervous before, getting ready and them giving all the best.

Barbra Streisand is an inspiration for Rachel Berry, so the entire show it’s like a kind of tribute to her and Fanny Brice. Most of the songs of ‘Funny Girl’ are memorable, that’s why they are part of ‘Glee’ too, like ‘My Man’, ‘Funny Girl’, ‘I’m The Greatest Star’, ‘People’ and ‘Who Are You Now’.

Funny Girl’, the musical, was created by Julie Styne, Bob Merrill and Isobel Lennart. It was produced on Broadway in 1964 and in London in 1966. The main role was performed by Barbra Streisand, who played Fanny on the movie adaptation too (and won the Oscar Award for the Best Actress, shared with Katherine Hepburn). It’s a musical inspired in Fanny Brice, an actress, singer, comedian and model of New York.

I like to remember ‘Glee’ with ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’. Songs full of passion, surprising and unexpected, it’s the best legacy of the show. Usually, when the New Directions performed for the competitions, the performances were really good. But they should have prepared much better the performances on the choir room, because most of the episodes were boring because of that. So, definitely, Lea Michele and Barbra Streisand is a great combination.