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Lucie Jones, del teatro musical hasta Eurovision

En los musicales, al igual que en todo, de vez en cuando aparecen actores, actrices, compositores o estilos que hacen un boom y aparecen hasta en la sopa. ¿Por qué da la sensación de que Lin Manuel Miranda está en todos lados últimamente, hay algo que no sepa hacer? ¿Y cómo olvidar Pasek and Paul? Pues parece ser que, en ese sentido, 2017 es el año de Lucie Jones.

¿No sabes quién es? No pasa nada, te cuento un poco. Lucie, con 26 años, es una actriz, cantante y modelo que saltó a la fama en 2009 cuando participó en The X Factor UK (aquel año también participó Olly Murs, este nos suena un poco más, ¿no?). Así como anécdota, decir que es amiga de Lauren Samuels, incluso tienen cierto parecido físico, ¿no es gracioso?

Lucie Jones representó al Reino Unido en el festival de Eurovision en 2017 con su canción ‘Never Give Up On You’. Su actuación a mi me encantó, en 3 minutos destacaba su teatralidad y su voz, con una puesta en escena muy vistosa y una canción pegadiza y que sonaba muy bien. Terminó la noche en la posición número 15, la mejor que ha logrado su país desde 2011 (España en última posición, no lo olvidemos).

Cuando Lucie terminó The X Factor se lanzó de pleno al mundo de los musicales, empezando, cómo no, con Les Misérables, interpretando a Cosette en el West End. Seguidamente, actuó en We Will Rock You y en American Psycho en el Almeida Theatre. Por si fuera poco, también actuó en Ghost the musical de gira por China.

Después de participar en Eurovision, Lucie Jones tiene varios proyectos muy destacados. Justo volver de Kiev regresó a la nueva producción de 20 aniversario de Rent (se ha celebrado tantas veces el 20 aniversario que estoy muy confundido), de gira en el Reino Unido, interpretando a Maureen Johnson.

Actualmente, está ensayando The Wedding Singer, de gira de nuevo en su país y donde participará desde el 20 de junio hasta el 19 de julio. Justo después, protagonizará la nueva producción de Legally Blonde, donde interpretará Elle Woods recorriendo el Reino Unido. Ella ya participó en este musical en el Curve Leicester, así que seguro que estará estupenda.

¿Qué le deparará el futuro a Lucie Jones? Mucho teatro y musicales seguro.



Rachel Berry sings ‘Les Misérables’

I fell in love with Rachel from the very beginning, from the first episode. I’m very easy to please, I know, but when she was singing ‘On My Own’ from ‘Les Misérables’, that’s when I said: ‘Oh God, this is good, I love her!’.

In 6 seasons, Rachel has performed three songs from ‘Les Misérables’: ‘On My Own’, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ (as a duet with Idina Menzel) and ‘Bring Him Home’ (as a kind of duet with Chris Colfer). I’ll take a break here to say that I think that the writers made a great job with ‘I Dreamed A Dream’. The song was perfectly integrated in the story, it was performed in a very beautiful and moving way. And of course, sung by Idina Menzel and Lea Michele (who were playing a mother and her biological daughter) is the best choice ever.



On the very first episode of the show, Will Schuester is looking for people to join his new project, a brand new Glee Club. He prepares the auditions and, of course, Rachel Berry, joins them. She performs ‘On My Own’, from ‘Les Misérables’.

I think that it’s a good choice for some reasons. First of all, is a great song so she can show all her vocal range. And also the lyrics mean a lot to her. She is special; she is different, but also misunderstood, like Eponine. While she is performing, she explains that she wants to be a Broadway star, that’s why she always puts a star after her name. In only a few seconds of a song you know how is her. You see that she is ambitious, with great dreams and a lot of passion to be an artist.

In the case of the show, the song means all the sadness that Eponine is feeling, because she loves Marius but he is in love with Cosette. But in ‘Glee’, you can understand the show like Rachel is so in love with musicals, wants to be an artist, but she is a freak, everybody ignores her. So this song is very dramatic and powerful for the show. It’s definitely a great choice.

Les Misérables’ is a musical created by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil. It’s one of the most important musicals in history, is the longest running show in London, celebrating 30 years on stage. So, of course, Rachel Berry and most of the characters of ‘Glee’ admire this show, because they love musicals and this one is important.

There are thousands of performances of ‘On My Own’, you can have a look online. My favourite ones are Lea Salonga’s, Samantha Barks’ and Carrie Hope Fletcher’s version. But Lea does an amazing job too, is a good song for her that means a lot for the fans of the TV show and the musical.


Happy Birthday ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’!

October is a celebration month for all musical lovers. It’s the anniversary of the longest-running shows in London. ‘Les Misérables’ celebrates 29 years of performances and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ 28. Next year, the show created by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil is going to celebrate 30 years, is a lot of time for a musical. Will it be a special performance? I hope so!

Les Miserables

Les Misérables’ opened on 8th October 1985 at the Barbican Arts Centre, in London. But on 4th December 1985 it was transferred to the Palace Theatre, where it stayed until 3rd April 2004, when it moved to Queen’s Theatre (its actual home). The original production included Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean and Patti LuPone as Fantine. Since then, the show has just grown up, beginning one of the classical musicals ever. In 2012 it was adapted in cinemas. It’s a show that all musical lovers can’t miss.

It’s a great show, I was completely amazed when I saw it for the first time in Barcelona in 2011 (there’s been several Spanish productions). This year, I saw it again in the Queen’s Theatre. I love absolutely everything about the musical, all the songs, the characters, the story are so moving, so touching. I hope that ‘Les Misérables’ runs in the West End for many years more.

The Phantom of the Opera’ started their performances on 9th October 1986 (one year after than ‘Les Mis’) in Her Majesty’s Theatre. The original production included Michael Crawford as the Phantom and Sarah Brightman as Christine. In 2005, the movie adaptation directed by Joel Schumacher was released in cinemas.

The Phantom of the Opera

I discovered this musical watching the movie, but this year I saw live in stage for the first time in Her Majesty’s Theatre. I was really surprised with the effects. I knew the story and the songs already, but watching it live was a beautiful experience. The entire atmosphere, the great actors and choreographies… Everything was wonderful. So I hope we can still see ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ for many years.


From Musicals Are Great, I wish you Happy Birthday ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’!!!



My mother and Fantine

FantineAnd tell Cosette I love her and I’ll see her when I wake… – Les Misérables


My mother passed away 12 years ago. She died in the 6th September 2002, when I was 12 years old. I can’t say that I’ve been traumatized for her lost, but it’s obvious that it was really hard for my family to overcome. I think that being a child helped me to continue with my life easily, but sadly it made me forget how my mother was too. Obviously, my love for her and the way she loved me is something that I can’t forget at all.

When I started to listen and learn about musicals, I discovered a story that really moved me and made me feel identified. It’s Fantine’s, in ‘Les Misérables’. For me, is one of the best characters in the show. She sings one of the most popular songs of the musical, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, which I really love. There are lots of covers, because it’s a hit, it’s full of love, passion and sadness.

Fantine is a young girl who works in a factory. She has a daughter, Cosette, but she can’t look after her, so the Thénardiers does. She brings them some money, so they can pay medicines and food. Fantine is fired from her job so she needs to become a prostitute. She sells her teeth and her hair too, so she can bring money for her child. Finally, she dies and Jean Valjean rescues Cosette from the Thénardiers.

Thanks God, my mother’s story was not that dramatic. But everyone who sees the show can feel sorry for Fantine, because she is a devoted mother, full of love for her daughter. It’s pure love, real love, something so strong that not even death can destroy. That’s why I love ‘Les Misérables’ so much, and Fantine too, because reminds me my mother and my childhood with her.

I dreamed a dream when time gone by, when hope was high and life worth living’. My mum and I used to spend a lot of time together. We were really close, I explained her all my worries and we used to write poetry all together too. Since she passed away, I’ve been able to write some poems too, but it’s not the same, is like I lost my muse. I used to write a lot with her, almost every day, now just from time to time. We used to read together too, and thanks God I keep literature now as well. I still love reading.

And still I dream he’ll come to me, that we will live the years together, but there are dreams that cannot be and there are storms we cannot weather’. I think that a death like that is a tragic situation, but it also changed us for good. I think that love above all for my siblings is strongest than ever. And thinking about my mum gives me some strength to be a good person and do the things properly to make her feel proud of me wherever she is now.

I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I’m living, so different now from what it seemed. Now life has killed the dream I dreamed’. My mother was really special, everybody loved her so much. She was kind and nice, full of joy, energy and love; she was amazing. Sadly she passed away 12 years ago, but we still think about her and love her so much. And the love of a mother lasts forever.

Te quiero mamá. Os quiero Noemí y Héctor.