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The importance of theatre in London

West End Live 20144

Theatre is very important in London, there are plenty of theatres, productions, shows, musicals, posters, advertisements… West End Live is a celebration of theatre and musicals in the UK, but why do we need to celebrate that? Is it that important in this country? Yes, it is.

What surprises me and amazes me the most is the fact that arts are so important in this country. I enjoy a lot being able to go to museums for free. It’s a place where you can learn and it’s some knowledge that must be shared with the people for free. That’s something great about London. Also, theatre and musical industry make a lot of money, so it’s important to keep them alive and growing.

According to the Society of London Theatre, West End shows make a lot of money. They can’t confirm the box offices performances, but there are some relevant facts that make you realise of how important is theatre in this city. Here there are only a few of the Highlights of 2014 (of course 2015’s not released yet):

Billy Elliot West End Live 2014

  • Billy Elliot’ is celebrating 10 year and over 10 million people have seen it worldwide. Last year, it was released ‘Billy Elliot The Musical Live’, becoming the widest ever cinema release of a live event. It became number one at the UK box office.


  • Also, last year ‘The Book Of Mormon’ kept breaking all box office records being 100% capacity at the Prince of Wales Theatre in all the performances since it opened in March 2013.


  • The show ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ is becoming a success too, because it welcomed its one millionth audience member shortly into its second year at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Les Misérables West End Live 2014

  • Last year ‘Les Misérables’ was celebrating the BBC Radio 2 Audience Award at the Olivier Awards for the second time in three years. Which proves the huge popularity of this classical musical.


  • Matilda’ has been seen by almost 1,5 million people since it was transferred to the West End in October 2011. Last year celebrated its 1000th performance at the Cambridge Theatre.

The Lion King West End Live 2014

  • The show ‘The Lion King’ is one of the most important in London, celebrating 15 years at the Lyceum Theatre and being seen by over 843,956 people.


  • The classic ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ reached the 11,500 performances last year in its original home, Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Wicked West End Live 2014

  • And finally ‘Wicked’ has become the 10th longest-running show in the West End. Last year celebrated its 3,500th performance at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Year after year is breaking its own box office records, with a weekly gross of £1,023,819


Theatre is a success in London. Every year, more people go to the theatre to see a show, which means more money for the box offices and taxes. But also means lots of jobs depending on that. A lot of money is spent on tickets, restaurants, hotels, transports and merchandise. Is becoming one of the most important attractions in the UK for tourists. And what I care about the most, it’s knowledge, it’s emotions and feelings that lot of people can share and learn.

So feel proud and great every time you go to the theatre, because you are helping and industry to grow, and all the economy in general. And also you are having an amazing and unforgettable experience. I’ll see you in any theatre!



Font: All the information has been taken from Society of London Theatre

Pictures: All of them are mine from West End Live 2014